What Are Rice Cookers

Rice cookers are a rather modern day development and are designed to help save your time, money and get the most out of your rice. With many people failing miserably at cooking rice to any decent level, the Rice cooker was made to help those that want restaurant grade rice every time, but for a one time investment.

When it comes to design, they are made with a very similar build to slow cookers or pressure cookers. Most are created with a steel cylinder base, with several legs attached that keep the heating components away from the worktops. Often made from stainless steel to keep cleaning easy and the majority featuring a spherical design to create evenly cooked food. All of the internal components are wrapped in heat resistant material. The high end cookers are developed with tons of safety features making sure that no fires, burning or accidents occur when using the cooker and to make them very user friendly to the inexperienced.

japanese rice cooker

Many of the rice cookers come with LCD screens, allowing you to program your desired settings for different rice types and desired outcomes. Internally the thick pan will often sit on top of a heating plate, with sensors surrounding the pan. The sensors detect when the rice is being cooked at the right temperature and if the heating plate is too hot, it will decrease the temperature. With a spherical design it ensures an even cook throughout.

Before this modern technology, rice was cooked in a pan by bringing water to a boil, and then adding the rice, allowing it to simmer until all of the water is absorbed into the rice. Often this would lead to unevenly cooked rice, rice burnt and rice stuck in the pan.

The Japanese Rice Cooker was made to fix all of those issues. Rather than using conventional heating, the rice cookers pan is placed into the base of the cooker. The sensor will then detect that the pan is inside and the plate will begin to heat up. The heating plate has sensors ready to detect if the rice is becoming to hot or if the rice is cooked and ready to be served. Should the temperature get too high, it is automatically adjusted without manual intervention to a lower temperature. This ensures a thorough cooking and evenly cooked rice.

New technology has recently been developed known as Fuzzy Logic. What is Fuzzy Logic? Cookers developed with this new technology automatically help prevent over-cooking or under-cooking. This requires no human intervention and the rice cooker will handle all of the logistics. With advanced programming built in, it can detect and calculate if the rice cooker should continue operating at temperatures selected, or if the rice will become overcooked. With this it will adjust accordingly and make sure that all the rice grains are cooked perfectly. It will also adjust for weather circumstances, as in cold weather rice could require longer cooking times and less cooking in warmer weather.

Should you make an error when you are measuring out the rice weight, Fuzzy Logic will fix the error and adjust the water accordingly so that the ratio maintained is ideal. Fuzzy Logic cookers will often come with a wide array of settings that can perform quick cooking of rice if you’re in a hurry, or a slow cooking option to get that perfect fluffy grain.

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